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About sharing image copyrightYash Puri Yash Puri returned from three months parental leave last week and immediately decided to spread the word about the benefit of spending time with his young children. They say: 'I wish I could do that', and I say: 'You can do it, you've got to bite the bullet'," aberdedn year-old IT expert says.


Sarah Browell-Hook, who grew up in the booming city says she took it all for granted. Paternity leave is a period of either one or two consecutive weeks that fathers or partners can take off from work to care for their baby or. Of course that was then and this is now but are we really at the end of the journey?

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llne That follows two FTSE companies - Standard Life Aberdeen and Vodafone - which aberdedn week announced steps to try to equalise the experience of men and women in the workplace when babies are born. Mr Puri - a father of hhook - says aberdedn organisations don't know how to support new d. They will be able take it at any time over the first 18 months, and it will be available for employees whose partners are having babies, adopting or having through surrogacy.

There is a lot of talk of wives and girlfriends, of the balance between the reward of another pint and the risk of missing the train home. That's the big thing for me. All new parents are eligible, regardless of gender, family set-up or how long they have been at the company, and it can be taken in three blocks over two years. The bank's 6, staff in the UK will be offered 26 weeks full parental pay, while in the rest of the word it will be 20 weeks.

She has worked at the Spider's Web for five years but now she is heading offshore herself, embarking on a career in oil exploration.

Other chta with such policies include mobile phone operator O2, which gives 14 weeks for all permanent employees, and drinks company Diageo, which gives its 4, employees an equal 52 weeks parental leave, with the first 26 weeks fully paid. And yet there is still temptation below the waves.

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We're seeing that ourselves among our young millennial men. It's not all or nothing. His wife will be having their first child in April and he says the stigma that can be associated with taking time out from the workplace has gone. The slump prompted her to make a decision, to start a second career in decommissioning, dismantling the rigs and pipelines from which Aberdeen prospered. Gender pay gap progress remales slow, says charity In the notoriously testosterone-driven world of finance, Goldman's chief executive David Solomon said the changes it was making were "deed to enable everyone in our workforce to better manage the commitment to their careers while starting, growing and supporting a family".

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Joeli Brearley lost her job a day after telling her company she was pregnant. The first 26 weeks is known as ordinary maternity leave, and the second 26 weeks as additional maternity leave. Pregnant employees have the right to 52 weeks maternity leave. Shared parental leave allows parents - after birth or adoption - to share up to 50 weeks of leave and up to 37 weeks of pay.

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Source: Acas. The TUC has said problems can occur at the point that aberdfen fall back on statutory pay when they take time out.

aberdeem Taking parental leave is aberdeenn always straightforward, not least because of the cost involved. It is offering nine months full pay for parents - both mothers and fathers - regardless of whether the mother gives birth to the baby, the baby is born via surrogacy, or if the child is adopted. PwC's Ms Churchman says: "Having a young family is one thing. Such success poured fuel onto the constitutional debate, especially the publication of secret government advice arguing that oil could bankroll an independent Scotland.

But nothing lasts forever. It is aimed at the UK - where the Edinburgh-based financial firm employs 4, people. Oil from BP's Clair Ridge development, west of Shetland, began to flow at the end of last year and the field is expected to remain productive for the next four decades while the energy firm Total recently announced a major gas discovery in the same region.

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New fields A study published in October suggested there could be 17 billion barrels of oil or the equivalent gas still to be extracted byin addition to more than 43 billion barrels recovered since the s. One drinker, Russell Edwards, 51, says for some people in the pub, decommissioning is a dirty word. You can take three instalments.

About sharing image copyrightYash Puri Yash Puri returned from three months parental leave last week and immediately decided to spread the word about the benefit of spending time with his young children. But some employers offer contractual maternity pay that is more than the statutory rate.

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The latest is Goldman Sachs, which on Monday announced that men and women would get the same fully-paid leave, of at least 20 weeks, whether they had become new parents through birth, surrogacy or adoption. Rose Thomson, chief HR officer at Standard Life Aberdeen, has admitted that this contrasts sharply with her own experience, as her husband took just a week off when they had their children, now 20 and Independence campaign That was despite repeated assertions during the referendum campaign that oil was not the basis for independence - "it will be a bonus" insisted then First Minister Alex Salmond - but that position was later undermined by former Scottish National Party MSP Andrew Wilson when he chaired an SNP commission investigating the economics of independence.

There is more to be done - and not just for people needing to care for new families. Each parent can take up to three femaes of leave, more if their employer allows, interspersed with periods of work. Her experience prompted her linw set up the "Pregnant Then Screwed" campaign group, which helps woman in similar situations. That increased to 10, in the financial year While other firms are not going that far, Standard Life Aberdeen's plan is seen as one of the most generous.

And is she looking forward to stopping off in the Spider's Web for a pint when she comes ashore? One oil worker, who did not want to be identified, fretted about climate change and the need, as he saw it, to diversify away from fossil fuels for the good of the planet. Here views about the sustainability of the industry are mixed.

Sarah Churchman, chief diversity and inclusion officer at PwC, says femlaes generational change is underway. They say: 'I wish I could do that', and I say: 'You can do it, you've got to bite the bullet'," the year-old IT expert says. In Dyce, a suburb of Aberdeen, the Spider's Web is bustling. What about looking after an older family? At first, straight out of Texas, the bars were filled with big hats, high heels and flash wheels. In the UK, for instance, companies are being forced to publish their gender pay gap.

We have to think about that as well as the workforce evolves.

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The granite sparkled in the sunshine. The pub sits next door to the city's heliport and is known as a waiting room for offshore workers. Young men began to drive Porsches, their bosses bought Aston Martins. John Palmer, senior guidance adviser at Acas, says such policies can help businesses attract staff.

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